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Covered Bridge

When we were planning our Autumn releases this year we wanted to design something that was truly spectacular. We all decided to create a tile scene for Autumn. Our artist Ginny did a wonderful job of painting the covered bridge scene. The covered bridge is surrounded by beautiful fall foliage and the whole scene is framed with fall leaves. This scene is up there with the hardest designs I've ever digitized. There are a few fill patterns in the design, but for the most part each of the elements were completely shaded by hand. Each block in this scene took hours to design and many more hours to embroider and correct the colors. The final result was worth all of the effort, It is absolutely stunning and will look great hanging on any wall this Autumn. If you have never embroidered a tile scene before you are in for a treat. The first step is to embroider each of the 12 blocks. Once the blocks are all embroidered you stitch them together to form the scene. After the blocks are stitched together you simply add ribbon or cord between the blocks to cover the seams. We have included the tutorial on creating the scene from our Crown Imperial tile scene. (all of our tile scenes are stitched together the same way.) The designs come in four different sizes, the smallest is for the 5x7 hoop and the largest is for those of you who have a new machine with a hoop that is 8 wide! The 8 blocks create a huge scene for those extra large walls! We also instruct you on fabric choices and some tips and tricks for no hassle embroidery. We hope you love the Covered Bridge tile scene.